Real change,
that really works
through real participation

Our convictions

  • Together we can do more than we think.
  • We don't learn democracy from books or in civics class.
  • People are also the result of the world we live in.
  • All behavior is meaningful.
  • We take people more seriously than they take themselves (with humor for that).
  • Everything we need is there. We'll never get back together this young.
  • There is nothing good unless we do it.

Our approach

particibyte is a digital platform for agile forms of collaboration, communication and participation to make transformation projects to be successful. For fast and sustainable changes and developments through moderated dialogs - AI supported and easy to use. particibyte moderates the dialogue of the stakeholders, enables the exchange of knowledge and and ensures that the best decisions are made. particibyte is the Swiss army knife of participation and transformation.

Our products


You design your own process: free, agile, democratic



Together we design and create dynamic participation processes



Together we develop and moderate participation projects and provide the appropriate technology


We form a powerful and inspiring network of democrats, participation experts and trainers


Together we develop the future of participation: new tools, effective processes, fresh ideas


We educate you and ourselves: Advantage through ability

Open Source

We use open source code that is constantly evolving. This ensures that we are up-to-date and competitive.

Green Hosting

Our servers run on green power and are located in Germany and the EU, so we reduce our carbon footprint.


Our technical base stands up to security and privacy standards and gives user*s full sovereignty over their privacy settings.


We operate transparently, fairly and do not monetize your data.

Our comrades-in-arms

A group of conviction doers: committed, hearty, smart, humorous and different


Carsten Stagge


Our contact

No text in the world can replace a personal conversation


particibyte GmbH

Bleickenallee 14

22763 Hamburg

General Manager:

Carsten Stagge

+49 40 5544 8666